Refinery29 in the News

Fast Company went behind the scenes of the online mag that speaks style--and learned how their employees are welcomed into the team.

When Refinery29 gets a new person on staff, they go out of their way to welcome them, says CEO and co-founder Philippe von Borries. Over dinner and drinks, "we actually talk about what they're seeing in the world, what's interesting to them," and even what they'd change about the company.

They’re also scooping up prime commercial real estate. Justin Stefano and Philippe von Borries, cofounders of Refinery29, a fashion and lifestyle website, have invested heavily in downtown by leasing 30,000 square feet of office space in the Financial District to house their 173 full-time employees. “Now we’re sandwiched between Condé Nast on both sides. There is a Four Seasons being built a block away. This neighborhood is changing overnight,” von Borries says.

The move downtown, says Stefano, “began as a financial decision, but then a lot of interesting companies started coming down here and the creative community has snowballed. It’s the perfect petri dish for our business.”