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Fashion and style website Refinery29 has hired Scripps Network Interactive exec Amy Emmerich to lead its burgeoning video efforts, the company said.

Ms. Emmerich, who was senior-VP programming for Scripps' Ulive digital lifestyle network, has also worked at Vice and the Scripps-owned Travel Channel, where she helped develop "No Reservations," the food-travel show hosted by current CNN personality Anthony Bourdain.

Her hire comes as Refinery29 plans the second season of its own version of a globe-trotting, Anthony Bourdain-style digital video series, "Style Out There," which follows host Asha Leo around the world in search of fashion subcultures.

The site is also working with production company Relativity Media to bring the series to linear TV. Currently, the series appears on, its YouTube channel and Facebook page. Read More

As part of the administration’s effort to reach out to young Americans, President Obama will be underscoring the message of his State of the Union address Thursday by getting grilled by some of today’s most influential voices: three Youtube stars. Refinery29's Neha Ghandi sat on the panel and discussed R29's original video, The State Of Our Union. Watch The Discussion

THE RACE FOR THE ASMES: There was another list of award nominees released Thursday. While the Oscars may have generated more buzz, the magazine editors who cover all those Hollywood celebrities were instead fixated on The American Society of Magazine Editors list of finalists for the National Magazine Awards. Winners will be unveiled on February 2 at a ceremony held in New York at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. The show will also include a lifetime achievement award presented to Time photojournalist James Nachtwey. 

First-time finalists included California Sunday Magazine for Design; Grantland for Video, Feature Writing and Columns & Commentary; Kinfolk for Photography; Matter for Public Interest and Feature Photography; Nautilus for General Excellence and Website; Politico for General Excellence and Website; Powder for Multimedia, and Refinery29 for Web site. Read More

LAS VEGAS — It's hard to visualize the concept of "the home of the future" without thinking of stark white walls and robots creepily folding your laundry next door.

But as more products become web-connected, joining the greater Internet of Things trend, we will gradually and naturally incorporate them into our homes. 

During the 2015 International CES, fashion website Refinery29 designed a tricked-out home that included dozens of Internet of Things products, blending style, functionality and technology. From sensors that monitor how you sleep to automatic fish feeders and 3D-printed bras, here's a look at how the millennial woman could introduce some of these high-tech products into her daily life. Read More

In one of the first significant content deals announced by Samsung to support its virtual reality headset, the company has enlisted “The Walking Dead” executive producer David Alpert to be among an impressive list of creatives willing to develop entertainment for the device.

At the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas, the Korean consumer electronics company announced Milk VR as the latest addition to its Milk music and video streaming service.

Milk VR will offer some 30 titles from a variety of companies including Skybound Entertainment, run by Alpert and “Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman, but also Red Bull Media House, Mountain Dew, Refinery29, Matador, Boiler Room, Artists Den, Acura and the NBA. Read More

SUNRISE ON SUNSET: The wine and sliders flowed freely at the Sunset Tower Hotel Wednesday night as Refinery29’s holiday bash also proved a celebration for the lifestyle site’s plans to create a second home in Los Angeles. 

The New York headquartered Refinery29 is now actively shopping for real estate in Los Angeles as it seeks to push into television and video next year, according to editor in chief and co-founder Christene Barberich.  

“Entertainment’s been a really big area of growth for us on the site just within our content and we were doing so many shoots in New York and profiles,” she said, “and it just really made sense to have a home base here and to really have more control over the kind of content we’re doing and also create an environment and a real experience here.”  Read More

New York Live's Lilliana Vazquez stopped by the R29 offices to chat with Piera about the **New York Times Best Seller** Style Stalking. Piera discussed what makes this book different than other fashion how-to's by stating, "For us, their are no fashion don'ts. We wanted to help women express themselves and feel empowered and get excited about trying new things". She showcased Mixed Prints, Tomboy and Metallics (three chapters from the book) with the help of Senior Style Editor, Annie Georgia Greenberg. Watch Full Video

CNBC's Half Time Report featured Refinery29 co-founder, Philippe Von Borries, as an expert on 'millennial shopping habits' in a segment about Cyber Monday. Philippe discusses the strategies used when marketing to millenials and which brands are doing it right. Watch Full Video

To differentiate itself from publishers like Vogue and Glamour, Refinery29 is taking cues from Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations.”

Over the past few weeks, fashion and lifestyle site Refinery29 has been rolling out its latest video series, “Style Out There.” Like wandering foodie Bourdain, “Out There” host Asha Leo trots the globe to document the world’s fashion subcultures, from Brooklyn’s Hasidic designers to the matching couples of Seoul, South Korea. Across the six episodes, which run seven or eight minutes each, Refinery29 tells stories ignored by “traditional” fashion publications. The series shows off the fashion site’s production chops, demonstrating its big ambitions in the digital video space. Read More

Ad Age named Editor-In-Chief,Christene Barberich, one of the 2014  Media Mavens! Christene told Ad Age what sets Refinery29 apart: "Theres a real understanding and genuine passion that is palpable in the way we create a certain experience". We also learned about CB's favorite celebs: "Both Jimmy's--Fallon and Kimmel, Amy Schumer, Jenny Slate and Harper's Bazaar's Laura Brown on Instagram, who reminds me at the most opportune moments that fashion really can be fun".  Well, Christene, you also remind us that fashion is fun...and fabulous! Read More